Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Eating at Clementine's was not only the first event for the Gastonauts, it was my first trip to Gretna. The inside of the restaurant was nothing like the area that surrounded the building. The decor was modern - with very cool furniture for sale, artwork on the brightly colored walls, and cool lamps. I could spend some time in that place, drinking Belgian beer, hanging out.

The food was yummy, although there wasn't much to offer the vegetarians. I had a crepe with spinach and feta. Oh, and I had a side of perfectly prepared asparagus. For dessert, I chose ice cream with a fabulous chocolate sauce. Mmmmm. It was less fancy than the other desserts on the menu. But it was delicious.

The service was friendly and I'd definitely go back again. If the Gastronauts had a rating scale, I'd put my rating here.... but we don't have one yet.

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