Thursday, July 19, 2007

Deadly Cupcakes

Our cupcake night was a huge success. Gastronauts and guestronauts alike enjoyed mixing, baking, decorating, and eating both sweet and savory cupcakes (even though, in general, savory cupcakes suck). A surprise gallon of chocolate daiquiri didn't hurt either.

I brought a batch of chocolate cake batter and some yummy buttercreme frosting. Fortunately, there is an Easy-Bake Oven at the Purple Palace, so I was able to relive some childhood memories.

Some of the highlights of the evening (IMHO) include:

1. Bastille Day Cake

2. Dancing with Victor

3. Saint in a t-shirt (this still cracks me up)

4. graffiti

I think we're all still recovering.


J said...

finally! i heard about these damn cupcakes like 8 years ago! j/k
looks fun. hope yall got more reports on different types of little cakes...

anthonyturducken said...

i think we all had to decompress and digest the events of that evening before we could post anything. there's a lot more to be said than what this post suggest. my story of the night coming soon.

J said...

no doubt no doubt. make sure you explain more about saint in a t-shirt.

anthonyturducken said...

someone, liz maybe, found a pet t-shirt from american apparel that was somewhere in my house. next thing you know, saint is sporting a tee.

anthonyturducken said...

how about this as a savory cupcake?!!!!

maple bacon cupcakes from vanilla garlic