Monday, June 11, 2007

two strikes and its a cookout

Last Thursday three fourths of the gastronaut crew headed downtown for some Mexican fare. The trip resulted in the first aborted mission of the crew. The destination, Jazz Tacos, was closed - CERRADO.

A Gambit Weekly review reports their hours as breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Saturday. So why were they closed? There was no sign on the door but my guess is that they were preparing for the Cocina Latina part of the Creole Tomato Festival. (posts about the fest to follow)

Here's a pic of the menu that could have been.

With Mexican food on the mind, we headed to Santa Fe on Frenchmen. At least we thought Santa Fe was still on Frenchmen. Whadayano?! Strike two. Santa Fe is no longer and is now La Vita del Forno. Actually not yet, the new restaraunt had yet to open.

What to do? What to do? Luckily, a friend of mine passed by in a car as we were standing on the corner dumbfounded. She reminded me of the cookout on the neutral ground of Esplanade at Rampart that the guys in the Bally Who do on ocassion. The Bally Who? What? I don't know. Third base!
Since two thirds of the three fourths of the gastronauts don't eat the pork and the beef. We made a detour to the Frenchmen market to stock up on non-meat and liquids. Foster's oil cans were chosen as liquids and cheddar cheese was choosen for the grill (we could at least have cheese sammiches). The omnivore of the bunch opted for a small bag of the tobasco flavored Zapp's chips and a yogurt drink I believe.
With supplies in hand, we headed over to Esplanade to look for the tandem bike with a grill instead of a second seat. We found the grillmasters with a cooler of food and a cooler of beer. The first thing to go on the grill was sausage. I'm not sure what kind of sausage since I didn't try any of it. At some point green onions were grilled for cebollitas. Burgers made it on the grill. And a mixture of vegetables - squash, red bell pepper, etc - were grilled in pockets of foil. I put some grilled veggies on a toasted bun for a lovely sammich. I think I may have made a toasted cheese sammich also.
At some point, conversation at the cookout turned to swimming pools, specifically the old pool at Audubon Park. I mentioned that there used to be a big pool in front of the zoo and now there is a smaller one. Another member of the gastronaut crew called me out on it and said that there is no pool in front of the zoo. One of us intiated a bet. The loser of the bet would have to wear something a bit out of the ordinary to work for three days in a row (without washing). If I lost, I would get a traffic cone orange faux-hawk. If the other party lost, she would have to wear shrimp boots and a sunrise-sunset t-shirt. A contract was written, signed, and "notarized" by the Bally Who. And we planned to go to the park on lunch break the next day to settle the bet.

After a couple of hours at the cookout, we left to meet up my friends Jennifer and Noy at Mimi's. There we had poinsettias and a Shirley Temple and enjoyed some string music for a bit. It was one of the last nights in town for Jennifer and we all decided to get a bit crazy and go to 80s night at One Eyed Jacks with all the Bridge and Tunnelers. Much High Life was consumed, much dancing was done, and much perspiration was released. Some how a large Sharpie ended up in my hand and began bumping into folks on the dancefloor. Wonder how that happened?
At the end of the night at OEJ around 3:30, the group planned to sneak in to the swimming pool at the W. However, on the way there the mission was aborted. Oh well, shower at 4am instead of a pool.


hannah said...

This is a completely brilliant post--totally worth waiting for. I bow to your blogging greatness, Antonio.

anthonyturducken said...

sometimes just gotta wait for the inspiration to be able to write. the inspired moment finally came to me. said...

I am very sorry that Jazz Tacos was closed when you came by.Yes,we were getting ready for the Latin Festival.Please come by again.Call me for some free chips and salsa when you arrive.My name is David and I am a partner.I can be reached at 504-874-0949.

anthonyturducken said...

i finally found some boots for liz. they were black and steel toed.

next up, the sunrise-sunset t-shirt!!!!