Friday, June 15, 2007

velvet jones and the five bottles

The other contributors seem to have a good handle of describing the food. I guess I'll talk about the drink part of the adventures.

Last night was red velvet cake night (made with beets instead of food coloring) at Chez Turducken where guest were encouraged to wear red and/white or even velvet and to bring a bottle of wine.

In addition to the bottles that were already at my house, four people brought a bottle of wine. Gastronaut Jennifer brought an Australian shiraz cabernet from Lindemans Cawarra. A very very good ratio of taste to cost. Ciara brought some Fat Bastard, also a shiraz. Jen Leslie aka JR Lovely supplied a Beaujolais from Louis Jadot. An Italian desert wine Nivole moscato d'asti was presented by Derek. And we had a Coppola merlot from my stash. The desert wine was quite tasty with the cake.

Despite the time it took to make, the frosting was quite the hit thanks to the lifeline that Benjamin called. Thanks Ben!!!!!!!!!

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